San Diego Print Week

So, one of the groovy things about being a graphic design teacher is that I get to take my students on cool field trips when I can find them.  A few weeks ago I took my prepress class on a tour of Precision Litho, a pressroom here in San Marcos.

The students had a blast and asked a lot of great questions; I was pleased.

Tomorrow (February 24th) is the PIA SD Print Expo, part of the week-long series of events known as Print Week.  So far I’ve managed to talk five students into using tomorrow as their lab day to come down to San Diego for the convention; we’re meeting up at noon out front of the building.

Though online registration is no longer available, walk-ins are welcome; if you’re in the area tomorrow and you wish to join our group, we’ll all be meeting up out front of the Convention Center at noon before heading inside.  Here’s me if you want to join us:


Bring comfortable shoes, bottled water and a willingness to walk away from this thing with about thirty pounds of paper giveaway products slung across your back.



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