On setting the creative mood.

I write quite a lot, and depending on what I’m writing, I need certain environmental settings tuned to specific settings.  Temperature, noise, (or lack thereof,) food, drink, music… these are all essential to create the vital mood to create.

One of the single most essential things I need is the correct music.  I tend to write a hell of a lot of fantasy and science fiction; for those I always gravitate to Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings soundtracks, Martin O’Donnell’s Halo soundtracks, the extended versions of John Williams’ Star Wars sound tracks (which really do contain a lot more music than your average listener realizes), Jerry Goldsmith’s and James Horner’s work on the Star Trek series, Jeremy Soule’s The Elder Scrolls soundtracks, and more recently, Greg Edmonson’s soundtracks, ranging from his work on Firefly to the Uncharted series.

Of course, this year’s novel is something of a different beast; it takes place in the real world (more or less,) and deals with cyber-shenanigans, Internet-age anarchy, and young, anchorless 20-somethings in the party scene.  Naturally, my normal choices of music won’t work at all for this.  To that end, I’ve discovered something that is really getting my juices pumping: Dubstep.


It strikes the perfect balance for this project.  It’s energetic, it’s LOUD, and it’s unhinged.  All things I need when crafting rule breaking anarchists who want to burn the world down around their own ears for the sheer merry hell of it.

Normally this sort of thing is too loud for me; not too many years ago, I would gladly be blowing my eardrums out to it, but after I rounded the midway point in my 20s a few years back, this sort of music just irritates me, for the most part.  However, for this novel, dubstep is precisely what I want.

Happy writing, folks!


2 thoughts on “On setting the creative mood.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The universe has to align just right to get me to really burst into a creative frenzy. So much so that it takes a lot to get me to pause from such a spell. If you want to write more and pick up a short, ‘creative self-help” book, I recommend “The War of Art.” I liked it. You can Kindle it on an app for under 20 bucks.

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