Pokémon Gym Challenge, you say?!

Custom Gym Rules

Naturally, I couldn’t let this pass me by.
The first time through, I got 3 Pokémon to use. Following the system above, I ended up with the water type, with my team consisting of Seadra, Gyrados, and Blastoise. Not a bad crew, I must say!

My gym’s music was “Waiting for the Worms,” by Pink Floyd. Kind of creepy, but hey, what the heck. Just following the rules.

Custom battle quotes? Hoo boy, this one was tricky. I needed to think of things for my trainer to say that would seem just corny enough to actually be from one of the games. I think I came close enough:

Greeting: “Oh-ho-ho, so you like to make waves, do you? Well, I’ll show you what happens to upstart trainers who rock the boat!”
Win: “Looks like my mighty water Pokémon washed away your winning streak!”
Lose: “Oh-ho-ho! What a battle! You’re as strong as a tsunami, breaking aside the strongest defenses!”

Rematch quotes:
Greetings: “Welcome back! This time we’re ready with a defense as strong as ice and as graceful as drifting sea fog!”
Win: “Ah-ho-ho! That was a great match; dry your Pokémon off a bit and then come back to get splashed again!”
Lose: “Ha-ho! You sunk my team like a torpedo!”

Rematch team:

Secondary team

This was a fun enough exercise that I might consider actually doing something with it in the future! It’s easy enough to mod a game file, and adding in a 9th gym would add quite a bit of additional fun to the game.


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