Things I’m Doing: November’s-End Report

Things I’m doing:

  • Planning for my next project.  I’m going to make a bridal website, a one-stop shop where users can get listings/purchase everything from cakes to floral arrangements to dresses and even rent venues.
  • Writing (re-writing for about the hundredth time) a novel about a wizard and his twin thief brother.  It’ll be (probably) a YA novel.  What can I say, YA novels are cool.  Plus there seem to be an ungodly number of movie deals coming out of them.  Not that I’m in any way shallow like that.
  • Listening to the Skyrim soundtrack (seriously, that’s going to be my go-to soundtrack for a looooooong time), a commemorative music project by the OC Remix crew for the Legend of Zelda, and the Tron Legacy soundtrack.  It’s a cool soundtrack that I could listen to pretty much endlessly, and which I did listen to pretty much endlessly over the last weekend as I was building the magazine.
  • Building another magazine… because there’s no rule that you can’t work on two graphic design projects at one.  Hell*, it’s encouraged.
  • More hiking.  Wait… I haven’t shared my hiking videos with you guys.  I’ll be rectifying (hee hee!) that in a few days.
  • Teaching myself how to use Sculptris.  Did you guys know it’s finally available for the Mac?  By the way, Sculptris is finally available for the Mac.

So yeah, that’s what I’m doing right now.  Having a lot of fun, keeping busy and productive, and trying to lose a few pounds.  Hence the hiking.  Again, videos forthcoming.

*There’s a quarter for the swear jar.  Oh noes!


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