End-of-year resolutions

After the night class presents their semester’s portfolio tonight, I officially start my two-week vacation!  This vacation marks a stepping stone for me; in the last two years, I’ve become a full-time employee at my university and finally have enough vacation days accrued that I can take the full two weeks off.  I’m like, an adult and stuff!

Joking aside, these next two weeks are going to be fun.  I plan on going on a lot of hikes (weren’t you people supposed to remind me to start posting my hiking videos up here?) and possibly camping overnight a couple of days (or nights, I suppose…).

In addition to that, I plan on re-reading my game design books cover to cover in preparation for my next class in January!  One of the fun things about being a teacher is that I can always reread my books and gain more insight from them.

On a gaming-related note, I plan on finding a group of local D&D players and getting into a game.  The last time I played was several years ago and I’m pretty sure my skills are so rusty they’d take out an 18d10+30 Iron Golem.  (At least my joke skills haven’t suffered from disuse.)

I plan on playing a little Morowind (because when isn’t  a good time to play Morrowind?  I posit that there is not one,) and maybe writing a little fiction… I’m thinking about fleshing out some of the secondary characters from The Tale of Stanto Pigwalter (kudos if you remember me talking about him!  If not, um… click the link or something).

That’s quite a heavy load for a two week vacation, but hey, this is my vacation that I earned and I’m gonna use it doing the things I love!

See you guys on the other side!

As an added bonus, here’s one of those hiking videos for your viewing pleasure!


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