HTML5 and such.

So I’ve been putting off learning HTML5 for the last two months because, at first glance, it seemed like I was going to have to re-learn EVERYTHING.

Well, I’ve finally started fiddling around with it and I’ve got to say that, while I do indeed need to relearn a lot of what I had learned about HTML, it’s actually more of a case of UN-learning everything I had known (as a certain green-skinned Jedi master is prone to say…).

Seriously, HTML5 is streamlined to be easier to approach.  Heck, I started building a Website just for the heck of it, so I can apply all the new shiny things HTML5 lets me do. Vector graphics in the browser?  Done.  Custom (non-Web-standard) fonts?  Done.  Animations that don’t require a Flash player?  Done.

Seriously; HTML5 is the coolest freaking thing I’ve ever played around with in terms of Web development.  Heck, it’s enough to make me want to make a new portfolio Site.


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