New life
bursting forth
every day a new adventure
running as fast and as far as your tiny feet can carry you
but always looking behind to see that I am here
Guarding you
Keeping you safe
Loving you

New life
learning to speak and sign and smile
learning to toddle and walk and run
running fast and far and free
one day you will no longer need me behind you
to keep you safe
to keep you from falling
to catch you
but I will still be there
I will always be there
That is my place

New life
every day a new exploration
every day a new discovery
every day for me a gift
a magnificent gift from the universe to me
you are the face of God to me
the proof that there is meaning to life

New life
you drive me crazy
you make me want to pull out my hair
you make me want to sit down and weep
you make me laugh
and cry
and see the world anew

My daughter

My new life


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